Last week I spent a wonderful morning working with Laura Kate O’Rourke, a musician, busy model and muse
to many artists. She, as all good models, knows instinctively how to create beautiful shapes and lines with her body, with little direction. I had asked her to think of  *Egon Schiele and his models, and as usual, she really got into the spirit.
We started with a few 5 minute poses to warm up, and progressed onto the 20 minute sketches.

(Some artists prefer longer poses and produce wonderful work, but I find I’m better with less time; I tend to fuss and overwork something that I have already captured with fewer lines. However, it does depends on the subject; if I was creating a portrait, that would be different.)

We worked for 2hrs 30mins…but I could have quite happily carried on drawing all day; like many, after a couple of hours, I’m was just warming up properly!

*I was commissioned, a while ago, to draw a portrait with Egon Schiele’s style and model’s look in mind…and I liked that so much, I thought I’d do some more. Watch this space!