Graduated from the Berks College of Art 

with a Fashion, Art & Design degree

Jan Irvine specialises in drawing from the moving body; working at speed with her beautiful, strong fluid lines. Her enjoyment of dance, music and performance influences her subject matter; although she’s commissioned to draw at all kinds of events, from gospel weddings and the theatre, to corporate evenings and big rock music festivals.

She also loves to explore, and find different subjects in different locations. Last year it was to Havana, Cuba, to capture the colour, music and magic of this unique city; a fantastic and rewarding trip. This year she is traveling to Arecena, Spain, as ‘artist-in-residence’ @fincabuenvino, to make sketches, paint and be inspired by the surroundings and atmosphere of this wonderful place.

Jan Irvine

 Portrait by John Hancock